I am a Registered Dietitian who believes in whole foods, clean eating and functional medicine.  Join me to see what is in my blender drink, what I’m eating, and updates on my favorite products!  Feel free to contact me and ask questions about products or what  what I can do for you.  Thanks for joining me!

Food is information for your body!  It can tell your body to perform like a machine or clunk around like an old car.  My philosophy is that everyone can overcome poor health or bad habits with the proper food and information.  I recently overcame chronic fatigue with good nutrition.  I want to help you to do the same!

Disclosure:  I do not link to products I do not use or have not tried unless stated.  I only link to products I believe in.  Some links may be affiliate links which means I receive a small commission depending on your purchases.



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K.S. reviewed Ideal Nutrition, LLC5 star
· March 12 ·

 “If I could sum up my experience with Caroline in one word, it’d be this: healing. I met with this nutritionist for several weeks to learn how to eat in order to heal my body. After this restorative process, I left learning three life-long lessons: 1) food is information; 2) I do not have to be in bondage to food or my cravings and; 3) eating properly can heal your body. And it feels great!

I will never go back to my old ways of eating. Gone are my headaches. Gone, too, is the ringing in my ears. Gone are the night sweats. And, gone are my stomach pains. My anxiety is much lower, too. I never would have thought food could provide so much healing.

Caroline is informative and transformative. Her experience, skills, patience and wisdom will guide you along a path of wellness and healing you shall not forget. Call her, follow her, message her- she can change your life!


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